Bed Wars Mod Apk Unlimited coins/Diamond new version

By | 27 September, 2018

Introduce bed wars mod apk game:

Bed wars mod apk revdl is new version pocket edition of Minecraft. The game is the battle swing the bed, when you have protecting your bed and destroy enemy bed to be win.

Bed wars mod apk apkpure and apkhere is collective the large players in Blockman go and have gameplay by style fight PvP. Players will be protect their base is the bed and using all power to destroy bed of other player and win.

Bedwars mod apk the style to play attractive, Bed wars has graphic same with Minecraft. Whole the game world, includes character. Control visual game with smooth act brings for you the best experien.

Rule when play bed wars mod aok:

– 16 players will be divided into 4 teams. They have born in 4 different island. Every island have one base and one bed. Player in the team can be revival, but the bed must survival.

– On Island has Iron, gold, diamond for players collect and using them to change with traders, take equipment, weapons.

– Using equipment and square to collect resourses in the centre island.

– Building brigde to island of enemy, destroy their bed and kill them.

– Which team survival the last then win.

– Mod no ads, full coin…v..v!

Bed wars mod android is excited game in Blockman go – One game store sandbox attractive, if you want enjoy other games brings this style, let’s download Blockman go into your phone and enjoy.

Download bed wars mod apk mobile

Bed Wars Blockman Multiplayer Mod:

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