Crazy kitchen mod apk free for Mobile (Android / Unlimited Money)

By | 28 October, 2018

Introduce Crazy kitchen free game:

Crazy kitchen mod apk is the excited game , the place for people can be play in the funny air of one kitchen very crazy. What is more fun when you have attached your face or friends and started to become professional chefs.

Compare with the normal cooking game like: Cook Fever, Tiny Chef, Cooking mama let’s cook then crazy kitchen mod apk have different points very impressive. Instead of one cooking restaurant mod apk game easy to boring, crazy kitchen bring one different experience, this is combination of puzzle game and simulate game. Interface of game split into two parts, corresponding to two different attributes: upper part is the kitchen

– The place for players to role is kitchen staff, serving the customers are waiting. bellow part is screen of match 3 game

– The place you have connect corresponding dishes with dishes of each customer order follow column, row, zic zac, etc. The member of each customer is different, so players have to look carefully anything they order.

Feature crazy kitchen mod apk online:

crazy kitchen mod apk
– Match-3 game addictive.

– Supported many  power-up and  combo to increating the speed to service.

– Many dishes from different regions of the world.

– Unique clothes for chef, many function to auxiliary.

– Sharing the pictures with friends, family, etc.

– Save experience the story and connect friends.

– All unlimited Coins + booster + live + auto level on the crazy kitchen apk mod by game mod android free.

crazy kitchen mod apk
Althought have match 3 element as many games same different types, but crazy kitchen mod apk create new things, make this game become more outstanding than. Instead of the limit coupling types objectsc follow column, row, crazy kitchen allow players combined many types, as long as you ensure that it is the food the customer is serving. Besides, you will become the chef in the game. This is a great game. If you want to play it, let’s download now!

Crazy kitchen mod apk download

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