Dragalia Lost mod apk + VIP Mod Full Version (by Nintendo)

By | 11 October, 2018

Introduce Dragalia Lost Mod Apk Android 1:

Gragalia lost mod apk is a new game with RPG genre on mobile. At the present, the game have on CHPLAY and APPSTORE, however just have some countries can be download it.

The story of dragalia lost mod apk for android:

Escaped the present life full pressure, stress and tired. You will come to with the new world in the land of Alberia. The place human and dragons  have found the way to live together in peace.

In herem you can borrow the shape of dragon and using their power in the battles by the way establish the pact.

In one day, everything become badly when Sacred Shard of  Alberia started lost his power. With role is Prince number seven, the name’s  Euden have the mission perfom one pact with the strong dragon. Beside that, you will be find out mystery things about weaken of Sacred Shard, prevent and against many monster want to attack your Kingdom.

Feature of dragalia lost mod apk game online:

– Graphic like the cartoon character Japan, easy to play and attractive.

– The soundtrack completely fit with the game.

– Style to play pretty same with classical action and role play game. However, with level to take care, most development from producer create special attractive thing of this game. You will pretty surprised with control mechanism but you will be get acquainted.

– You are not alone when you play this game. You can bring anyone can help you. Boss always appear in the last map.

– You can building structure and improve your character. Dragalia lost mod apk provided for you more 60 character with many weapon, equipment.

– All mod money full (999999)

– Mod VIP free me too real racing 3 apk new!

Finally, dragalia lost mod apk is a good game make players can be relax after studying or working, unlimit age and brings the health playground, just need your device have 3G, operating system Android 4.4 or IOS 9.0.
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