Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter Mod Apk

By | 26 August, 2018

Introduce left to survive: PvP zombie shooter mod apk: 

Left to surviv mod apk pure and appvn is title game zombie survive shooter extremely worthy to play on mobile has released by My Com. The game is perfect combination between strategy element, shooter action and has interactive with other players. You have find any way to extremenate and become the last survival person.

Your mission in Left to survive: PvP Zombie shooter mod apk is extremenate zombie. Context in Left to Survive took places in 2014 when human detecting in many streets appearance zombies. The main task of players is extremenate every zombies you see. Support your team escape  zombies and attacked of them.

Every screen has designed with different scenes. From defense in certain areas to  moving on Helicopter, killing Zombies and Keep your life and your team safe.

Besides character and guns then Left to Survive allow to players using money to building. Option your base steady and protect barracks escapes attacked. You can attack barracks of enemy by helicopter and robbery resources to the base.

Feature of left to survive: pvp zombie zhooter mod apk revdl:

– Building, customize your base.

– Fight with PvP and 2v2 mode.

– Collect many items and get rewards.

– Graphic 3D amazing, soundtrack so cool.

– Auto one hit zombie

– Up level max

– Max guns level

– Gold max 9999

– Bug fixes

Left to Survive Unlimited Ammo

Left to Survive No Reload
Left to survive PvP Zombie shooter mod apk
If you want play the game, you can download on your phone, support to Android with 4GB above.
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Game Left to Survive download mod apk

Click Left to Survive PvP Zombie Mod APk: https://bit.ly/2BNnbty
Click Left to Survive PvP Zombie Data Zip: https://bit.ly/2wctDoQ

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