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By | 26 August, 2018

Introduce man of vampire mod apk:
Eden – ” The secret world ” in Man of Vampire. The place for you meet many soul and different monsters. You will rallying the heroes team and go to many magical world, finding and against shadow evil and save the world to escape destruction.
Man of vampire mod apk revdl is SRPG game new completely with Rougelike factorial when you becoming the King of Eden. Your mission is collecting team to join into the adventure in dungeon. In this journey, you will developing your characters the same role playing game.

When you not fighting, your team will exploring around and moving very normal. But when meeting enemy, you will fighting in turn. With every turn, you can choose and using weapons, magical or healing. So, your team have to diversity. Reporting and attack together. Arrange their position to bring the biggest effect.

Features of man of vampire android:

man of vampire mod apk
– Strategy: You can creating the battle better by the way using topographic of the battle in turn.

– Human and Vampire have many Dugeon has created random. Using the map to escape the quod. Be careful with the boss in here. You have items helping you by Dugeon.

– Recruitment your colleague to adventure with you.

– Developing the main special character.

– Unlimited Mp

– No CD

– God Mode

– One Hit skill

– Mod Menu Appears In Battle

– Yes: auto level up max
man of vampire mod apk
Let’s play Man of Vampire now to feeling the attraction from it.
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