Samurai Kazuya mod apk (full coin + much money v1.10.3)

By | 4 October, 2018

Describe Samurai Kazuya Mod Apk Unlimited:

Samurai kazuya mod apk is RPG game 2D horizontal scroll screen taken topic about samurai in Edo period of Japan. In the game, you will become Samurai Kazuya man, the person so angry before fate tragic of his brother, Kenji and his brother’s wife – Kanna by senior warriors made. Kazuya direct outrage and his blade to Shogun.
samurai kazuya mod apk

Before starting the journey, players will have to drill swordsmanship by the way mature. Fighting mechanism of samurai Kazuya mod apk very simple, just including 2 main key is attack and prevent. However, in some battle fighting with giant monster boss then using skill prevent and attack in when time is the arts with players to come to the last win.

Besides, samurai kazuya mod apk android 1 has the feature create weapons very attractive. Players can be collecting items in the journey to create more 30 legend weapons around the world. You will have many special sword like Masamune, Excalibur. Every screen you play,you can change weapons to use fit with the battle.

Features of samurai kazuya mod apkpure: 
samurai kazuya mod apk
– Played very easily.

– Graphic 3D beautiful, soundtrack amazing.

– Has more 30 weapons to fight.

– Collected many items to support players.

– Download free, support to Android.

– Connected internet when you playing game.

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