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By | 5 October, 2018

Introduce The house of Da Vinci Apk Free:

The house of da vinci mod apk brings players come to the house of da vinci earl – Genius of Italy. In here has many secret waiting answer. With anyone like intellectual game then this is perfect game for them. With anyone want to play because curious, come here! try play it now!

The house of da vinci apk is new aintellectual adventure game with graphic 3D completely new to players like challenge the mind have to try. Players will be answers classic puzzle just have in Renaissance,  discover items, escape many secret room and like life in many time ago. Let finding the reason why dose your master missing –  Da Vinci.

Features of the game the house of da vinci apk:

the house of da vinci apk
– Answer classic puzzles, sovling hard problems based on invention of Leonardo.

– Control free, moving workplace of Leonardo very easy.

– Unlock the hard box, answer classic puzzle, escape secret room, checking the skills of players.

– Own unique machine, Finding items around the house.

– Finding reason why your master missing.

– All unlimited, no ads..v..v
the house of da vinci apk
When you play the house of da vinci apk free, you will has a unique ability, you will back to 16th century and discover many secret in the past.
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Download the house of da vinci apk in Android and connect internet when you play.

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