Game the nun mod apk, ios (No AD Free) V.2.2 by Keplerians

By | 27 July, 2018

Come to the new game has name The nun. It’s  talk about the nun, like this call. If you is a fans of film the conjuring 2, you will like this game the nun mod apk, because the nun is Valak.

Highlights of the game the nun mod apk:

the nun mod apk
The nun mod apk is puzzle  horror game, if you play the game, tries don’t cry. In the game, players will control the girls escaped from the monastery. She’s arrested by the nun. The nun is evil, if she see ở know the girls try to escaped. She will fitgh her or intimidates make the the girls scary. We can startle with the nun. Hurry up! The girls just has 5 days, if you don’t want die, let branstorming. You will be winner.
– Graphic 3D amazing. The sound very horrible.

– Scene lively, the nun extremily crual.

– Many hard level for you.

– No Asvetised.

– Play free on android.

– No AD (Google)

If you want change kind of game. Let come to Horror game. You will have many special to feel and memorable.

Let play the gun mod apk on your phone, in the midnight to have better experience.

the nun mod apk
Download on With small size, your phone will save capacity.

Are you ready for this horror game the nun mod apk. Play now and watching film in the future.

Game The Nun Android: Apk
Game The Nun Mod Apk: (No ADS)
Game The Nun Mod Apk Can’t Attack “immortal”:

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