Game zombie tsunami mod apk free download (all unlocked)

By | 22 August, 2018

Zombie tsunami mod apk is electron game, Topping the list of the most popular games in the long time because easy play,   suitable for all ages. This game brings for players absolute entertainment and healthy.

Discribe zombie tsunami mod apk unlimited diamond:

Players started running with the first zombie. Jump when you see boom if you don’t want game over, collecting coins and kill on the road you runing. Eat people and make them become zombies and follow you. If you have many zombie, you can break oto or bus car to eat people and collect zombies more than. Finding power on the road to increase your strength and eat more gold. When you have enough gold coins, you can by partner zombies, one or two zombies companion if you want.

Feature zombie tsunami mod apk unlimited gems and coins auto:

– Interface graphics 2D, full HD, funny sound, flexible control your character.

– Add any zombies and the number of zombies you want.

– This is game frenzy eating meat very interesting for everybody.

– Keep moving if have at least one zombie still running.

– Collect 8 kind of items increase the power and bonus to run further.

– 900 different mission.

– 9 world locations for you to run the army.

– Menu auto Gold & Gem full max me too game shadow fight 3 mod apk money

Zombies tsunami mod apk can play offline or online, don’t worries about internet, you can play anywhere anytime if you wany.
In The walkinh dead film, Zombie are hunted, but in zombies tsunami apk, humans are chased by zombies!

You can download zombie tsunami mod apk revdl for your smartphone,  support for IOS and Android.
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